Reddit fans have mapped out a Young Sheldon series eight and the ideas are amazing

Reddit fans have mapped out a Young Sheldon series eight and the ideas are amazing

Hell hath no fury like a Reddit fandom. And one fandom well and truly mourning the loss of their favourite show is those over on the Young Sheldon Reddit, who despite the fact they’ve got a brand new spin-off coming out still are wondering what might happen if Young Sheldon hadn’t wrapped for season seven forever. The fans are all mapping out what could happen in a hypothetical season eight of Young Sheldon, and the theories of what could happen are actually amazing.

Young Sheldon big wigs – read on if you want the fans to tell you exactly what should happen if you ever fancy carrying the torch on.

‘A theoretical season eight’

The main theory on Reddit for the season eight of Young Sheldon would be how it would kind of be a season without Sheldon – who had moved away. It would explore more what happens to the rest of the family and characters in Medford. It would basically close all the loose ends we have for characters before the events of The Big Bang Theory.

One fan on Reddit explained what each of the characters could go through if explored further in a hypothetical series eight. The fan said we’d see Missy “spiralling and going through a rebellious phase”, and how we’d see Mary go further into her religious fanatic era that she slips into following the grief of her husband’s death. Meemaw kind of gets her shit together as the family loss makes her straighten out her behaviour, whereas Sheldon processes his grief by further suppressing his emotions and regressing into the character we known as an adult in Big Bang.

The general fan consensus is that we’d finally get some closure to character’s stories that we never really got a chance to in season seven. Speaking about it makes me die for the closure – I want to see more of Mary’s turn to the fanatical.

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